Hello world

I’m Andrés Riancho, and this is my blog.

Hacker: Born and raised

Argentine, husband, father, software developer, application and cloud security expert. Since I can remember I take things apart to understand how they work and improve them. Initially this lead to many electronic devices with missing parts at my parent’s house, but with time and access to something new called Internet I evolved into a hacker.

In the beginning I explored virus writing, cable modem uncapping, phreaking and intrusion detection using IDS software, but I quickly found my true passion: detecting application vulnerabilities and teaching developers how to create secure software.

Seasoned Professional

With almost fifteen years of work experience (that made me feel old) I’m starting to write this application and cloud security blog. This initiative has various reasons:

  • Some of my clients have interesting application security challenges, which might be out of the radar for some companies and for which we had to work together and create innovative solutions. I’m going to be telling you more about these in the following posts!
  • I decided to stop using a company to deliver my services, and instead focus on improving my personal brand: “Andrés Riancho”.
  • After so many years of work experience one starts to have a unique vision about the market, clients, and effectiveness of the services provided by us all. These opinions and insight is going to be part of most of my blog posts.

This blog will also have news about my research on application and cloud security, w3af, and other open source tools I develop.

I hope you join me on this exciting new start!

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